Information for Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) Participant Practices about the Maryland Collaborative Care Transformation Organization, Inc. (MDCCTO)

The Maryland Collaborative Care Transformation Organization, Inc. is an approved Care Transformation Organization (CTO) participating in the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP). The CTO is a legal entity that deploys an Interdisciplinary Care Management Team to furnish care coordination services to MDPCP Beneficiaries attributed to one or more MDPCP Accepted Practices that have entered into a CTO Arrangement. The CTO performs other activities integral to helping the CTO’s MDPCP Practices achieve the MDPCP’s Care Transformation Requirements.

For Providers Interested in Applying to the MDPCP

The application period for practices to apply to participate in the MDPCP for the 2024 Performance Year is open. Learn more about the application process on the MDPCP Program Application page.

The application period will close on July 17, 2023.


Resources for Practices


Partnering with the MDCCTO
MDPCP Applicants

  • Practice applicants interested in partnering with a CTO must identify a first and second choice during the application process
  • Select your county using the MDPCP CTO Comparison Tool and follow the instructions. The MDCCTO is available to practices in all Maryland counties.
  • Detailed package options are available. Download the MDCCTO package options (PDF).
  • You will be contacted when accepted to the MDPCP program


MDPCP Participant Practices

Contact the MDCCTO team


Why Partner with the MDCCTO?

The MDCCTO was approved as a Care Transformation Organization in the first year (2019) of the MDPCP. Our team has extensive experience with practices in Maryland and the unique challenges you face. We currently partner with 30 MDPCP Accepted Practices to provide interdisciplinary care management support to improve patient outcomes, including assistance with identifying Social Determinants of Health.

Our parent organization, Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) serves over 4,000 participating independent practices with more than 160,000 patients. We have worked with Maryland practices for over nine years. CHS is currently partnered with practices in two Accountable Care Organizations in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care and the Accountable Care Coalition of Northeast Partners, as well as providing management services to the Chesapeake IPA.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Maryland Collaborative Care Transformation Organization, Inc., contact:

Shawn Bassett


To report issues to the Compliance Officer, call:

For questions or comments about the MDPCP program, contact the MDPCP team.


Helpdesk Phoneline:
844-711-CMMI, Option 7

Resources for MDCCTO Participating Providers:

CMMI Connect
CRISP Reporting Services